About ClickViewBOOM

My name is Steven Sarkisian (AmbitionPHP) and I created ClickViewBOOM to give back to the development community. There are a few apps that provide a similar service, some of which even being open-source however I wanted to share my take at sharing private text with perhaps newer technology.

ClickViewBOOM was created using Laravel 8, Livewire & TailWindCSS. You can view, download and even contribute to the source code this app uses anytime on github.

Security & Technical

  • All secret texts are encrypted before stored.
  • Secret texts with a passphrase are first encrypted using the passphrase provided before being encrypted again with our base encryption.
  • Passphrase protected texts cannot be recovered without the passphrase. Sorry, but this keeps things secure.
  • Texts are instantly deleted upon being viewed. In fact, the texts are removed from our database before it's even displayed to you.
  • We do not store your ip, user agent, device details or any identifying information. We also do not use any third party analytic services and we are completely ad-free.